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Collab Bot with Steve Talkowski in MasterpieceVR

Had a great time creating this Robot sculpt with Steve Talkowski in Masterpiece VR! It was an amazing experience to collaborate in real time. Renders done in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Youtube video is footage recorded from Scout's perspective using OBS, and sped up 300%. Steve's controllers/avatar visible on the upper right - It's neat because each person can move the model and it won't affect the other person's view, but you can see the sculpt updating in real time as they add new pieces.

Scout windsor collab shot 1

Marmoset render (model exported as an FBX from MasterpieceVR)

Scout windsor 09 17 21 05 33

Photo inside Masterpiece VR

Steve Talkowski and Scout Windsor - MasterpieceVR Collab

Collab Bot with Steve Talkowski in MasterpieceVR