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A3-K7 (droid design)

A3-K7 is a Star Wars inspired droid that I designed in Oculus Medium.

About A3 droids:
Snub antenna on their head facilitate short range communication and synchronization with other Docking Bay Traffic Control units.
Powerful holographic projectors in each hand allow for the display of large directional arrows and other symbols above the droid to assist pilots.
Glowing yellow markers on their body aid visibility in dark environments. The markers are easily accessed, and need to be replaced every 5 years.
Large hands can open jammed ship doors from the outside.
They can speak basic and binary, and can be upgraded with up to 200 other languages.
Many of these droids have been retrofitted and upgraded to serve in other capacities, such as construction safety, wilderness guides, and even as a child and animal caretaker. Regardless of upgrades, they remain very conscious of safety protocols and work hard to keep all sentient beings safe.

Scout windsor star wars droid blueprint v2

ZBrush render with my custom renderset, then edited with clip studio paint. I've shared the filter here:

Scout windsor star wars droid v2 smaller q png

Keyshot renders

Scout windsor star wars droid by itself toy kneel

Keyshot render

Scout windsor droid zbrush three quarter

ZBrush BPR

Scout windsor droid zbrush 1 v2

ZBrush BPR