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Modular Highrise

I am partnering with MasterpieceVR and Microsoft to design futuristic sustainable concepts using the Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset. This modular highrise features: rain collection, grey water filtration, migratory bird friendly designs, solar windows, shock absorbent stabilizers, modular removable housing pods, and green roof/gardens. See sketchfab annotations for more details on building design and functionality. This was sculpted entirely in MasterpieceVR in 4 parts (ground, base, housing pods, forest roof) and assembled in ZBrush. Join us in imagining a sustainable future!

Here is an article from Microsoft discussing some of the artists involved in this project:

Scout windsor from above dark grey
Scout windsor modular highrise with text
Scout windsor front view dark grey
Scout windsor modular highrise

Sketchfab model screenshot